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Human Element is a game being developed by Robotoki. It takes place during a zombie apocalypse, but focuses on the effects on human psychology, morality, and actions. The game will release on next-generation consoles, PC, mobile devices, and tablets in Q4 2015.[1]


Human Element will be set 35 years after the beginning of a Zombie apocalypse where the walking dead are a part of everyday life, and have been for some time. The Zombies are slow and stupid, the main problem facing survivors will be other survivors. The players main task is to get what you need, deal with other people and exist in a society that has totally broken down.[2]

Character CreationEdit

In the character creation system, the player will choose one of three classes - action, intelligence, or stealth - one of three different identities - survive alone, survive with a partner, or survive with a young child - and a persona, which includes gender and race. The choice of identity is comparable to difficulty selection in most games.



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